Andy Wilkinson – Stoke City Hero

This tribute to Andy Wilkinson appeared in Issue 590 of The Oatcake…

new-1HAVING said a fond farewell to Andy Wilkinson at the end of last season, and wished him every success in finding a new club and continuing his career for another few years, it is with considerable sadness that we heard last week of his enforced retirement from the game.

Due to the concussion injury he picked up at Blackburn last season, he has been advised to retire and at the age of 31 he now finds himself out of the game and looking forward to the next stage of his life.

The best thing we can find to say about Andy Wilkinson is that he played for Stoke City in the same way that any supporter thinks they would. Whenever he pulled on the club’s colours he never gave anything less than 100% and he was clearly prepared to run through the proverbial brick wall for the team.

We can’t think of any higher praise we can heap upon the shoulders of any footballer. Some spend a career working on their skills, a few were blessed with extraordinary ability and there are those who manage to bluff their way through what is nothing more than a living to them without ever truly committing to the game and what it stands for.

Andy though played with spirit and heart. He played with courage and he’s truly earned every last penny that’s come his way. The way he approached the game is the way every single player – regardless of their ability – should approach it. He stuck his head where many would be afraid to dip a toe and there was no drama and no diving. Show us another player, just one, in this day and age who would get straight up to their feet after the crude and savage tackle which Wilko took from Sunderland’s Craig Gardner a few seasons ago.

And that’s why, more than any other player, Stoke supporters respected what Andy brought to the team. That’s why everybody wanted him to score; because if he scored then we knew he’d feel and celebrate in the same way we feel we would if we’d ever been blessed with the opportunity to play for Stoke City.

We’re glad that our wonderful club did the most decent thing of all and gave Wilko a temporary contract when it became apparent that he had a problem and we’re pleased that a testimonial game has been granted. We can think of no other player from the past 20 years more deserving of that type of recognition.

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